Every so often you’ll run across a great resort. The people are nice, the resort layout is fantastic, the surroundings are scenic, the food is delicious, and everything is just as it should be. You’ll have a good time, and eventually be on to the next place. But one in a rare while, you’ll visit someplace truly memorable. Someplace special. And if you have the chance to visit Thunder Bay Resort in Michigan, you’ll agree it’s one of those visits you’ll remember forever.

A big-rig friendly 23-site RV park is located conveniently next to a well-maintained yet challenging 18-hole golf course. You could spend every minute relaxing at your campsite and hitting the links and have a great time, but you’d be missing out on a lot of what Thunder Bay has to offer, and what makes it so special.Lake activities, hiking, biking, fishing, and kayaking are right close by. Take a ride up to Lake Huron to tour historic lighthouses or visit a glass bottom boat “Shipwreck Tour” at the National Marine Sanctuary. But if you visit Thunder Bay, the one thing you absolutely must do is go on one of their famous horse-drawn carriage tours to see the Elk.

Summer visitors will experience seeing these magnificent creatures grazing with their newborn calves in the Michigan wilderness. Visit a little later and your carriage ride will spin through a kaleidoscope of fall colors, and you’ll witness bull Elks strutting, sparring, and fighting for dominance. Don’t worry – it’s completely safe, but their clashing antlers and roars of intimidation are something to remember. During the winter season, you’ll snuggle up on horse-drawn sleigh ridge as if out of a book your grandmother used to read you. After passing the snow-covered elk you can curl up in front of the stone fireplace and enjoy a good meal.

Whenever you decide to visit Thunder Bay RV & Golf Resort, you’ll have a truly memorable experience. It’s a special place run by a group of amazing people, so be sure to take a look at the Thunder Bay Resort page today and consider planning a trip!